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Bikepacking & Off-road Cycle Touring Guide

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14 reviews

The Bikepacking & Off-Road Cycle Touring Guide provides a tool kit of skills and knowledge for cyclists who want to get off the beaten track and undertake extended bikepacking tours, with a focus on travelling light. 

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PDF E-book (24MB), 238 pages, over 200 photographs
ISBN: 978-0-473-66289-9
Published by Mark Watson/Highluxphoto 2022

Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

2 weeks ago


So much value here! I love how you list everything to think about, giving considered thoughts with pros and cons. The photos are a treat creating burning desire for adventure!

Michael P.

Verified Buyer

3 weeks ago

Great Book

So informative, clearly knowledgeable. Will be basing my first bikepacking trip off of this book.


Verified Buyer

5 months ago

Great read

Lots of valuable info, a lot of work and experience has gone into this great read.

Jordan W.

Verified Buyer

5 months ago

An amazing resource

Brilliantly put together and packed to the brim with insightful information which is often hard to come by in this form - highly detailed, yet no-nonscence. It's well structured and easily referred to as an ongoing resource. You'll learn something every time you open it.

Richard W.

Verified Buyer

11 months ago

A great resource for anyone interested in bike touring

Mark and Hannah really know their stuff, having cycling in the blood for decades! I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone looking for more information and tips from the experts on gear and equipment choices for your next adventure.
Richard Wesley
New Zealand

About the Author & Editor

Mark Watson and Hana Black have been mountain biking and cycle touring for over 30 years. They bikepacked with homemade equipment long before the name became popular and have travelled by bike in 29 countries, as well as participated in many ultra distance cycling events and races, including Tour Aotearoa and Tour Te Waipounamu.

Both have a long association with the outdoor industry; Hana has worked in outdoor clothing and equipment design and development for over 25 years, while Mark has worked in soft goods manufacture and been a product reviewer, magazine editor, publisher, writer and photographer.

Bikes are not the only means by which Mark and Hana experience the outdoors and both have been climbing and tramping as long as they have been cyclists. 

As well as being committed bikepackers they are also route developers, having contributed classic routes such as the Trans-Mexico and Camino del Puma (Perú). Their blog is a well known resource in the bikepacking community.

Their home base is Lyttelton, New Zealand.